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Attitude, not Aptitude, Determines your Altitude


With nearly 20 years in the health and wellness field, Julian Varela understands that happiness is comprised of many components including a healthy emotional state, relationships, social support, our ability to find meaning and purpose, assertive communication and how we care for ourselves physically. Integrating years of expertise in Exercise Physiology and Health Behavior Change with Clinical Psychology & Marriage & Family Therapy, Julian's therapeutic approach is existential and solution focused with the ultimate goal of improving performance in sport, career & life while simultaneously reducing feelings of anxiety & depression to build a meaningful and healthier self.  Alongside Dr. Yelena Lapidus, M.D., client's have the unique experience of true integrated medical and behavioral health. 

Specialities include counseling for depression, anxiety, stress management, relationships, communication, sports & exercise psychology, weight-management, health behavior, obesity,  career/academic counseling & corporate & employee wellness. 

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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor Frankl

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Improve Health, Win at Life

Health Behavior encompasses our understanding of our personal health habits such as consistent exercise and sound nutrition in addition to the ability to remain consistent and dedicated in order to improve ones health.  The foundation of Health Behavior lies in first creating healthy habits while exploring how depression, anxiety or relational issues are potentially inhibiting you from reaching optimal health, performance or overall well-being.


Happiness Starts with You


Individual Counseling

"A strong, understanding and healthy relationship with self and others gives us the foundation upon which we can build anything." Julian J. Varela

Anxiety, depression, frustration with life, self or simply learning how to be a better person are areas all of us can improve upon. Learning new communication tools and strategies to create more balance, reduce stress and creating a more meaningful and purposeful life are just a few of the areas we can explore during sessions.


Weight Management Counseling

"Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same."

Let's face it.  Maintaining weight is not easy and takes education, motivation and dedication. Our health and well-being is determined by how well we are able to balance our health, family, intimacy, education, career, friends and social influences. By understanding how each of these areas impact our happiness and developing strategies to improve each of these areas, will create a more meaningful, happier and healthier life.

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Exercise & Sports Psychology

"The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight." - Arthur Ashe

Sports Psychology is used to assist athletes from all ages and competitive levels to improve overall well-being, improve focus and enhance performance.

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Corporate Wellness

Creating Healthier Employees & Improving Culture

A healthy company cannot thrive without healthy employees and a strong culture.  By implementing wellness strategies and policy that help support organization's at the roots will in time foster trust and motivation in employees, retain top talent, recruit top talent and increase profitability. For more detailed information visit


Speaking Engagements

Keynotes, Education, Inspiration

Looking for a keynote or professional presentation in the realm of health behavior, motivation, creating well-being or childhood obesity prevention? Email or complete the contact form below. - IHRSA & IDEA Health & Fitness Presenter. 


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An integrated mental and health behavior specialist committed to helping you create your best self.

I was first drawn to health and wellness shortly after my mother died...she was only 40 years old. Needless to say, and at 19 years old, the loss took its toll on both my mental and physical wellness. Fortunately, mentors throughout my academic career fostered my interest in health behavior by teaching me that true happiness, performance and well-being takes a multi-faceted approach, and a lot of support. Now, as a Marriage & Family Therapist, specializing in health behavior, performance and overall well-being, my goal is to assist you in developing the skillset needed to live your best and healthiest life while providing you with the support you deserve along the way.

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